Say Hello To A Revamped Ease

EaseCentral is now Ease! The same great functionality you are used to, with a new look.

Revamped For You & Your Employees

Impress Your Employees With Cutting-Edge Software

Go ahead, show off your HR software. Impress applicants and new hires with a modern benefits and HR solution.

Faster Employee Enrollments

Less time choosing benefits, more time making things happen.

Strengthen Employee Relationships

More data and updated reporting tools to help you better understand and communicate with your employees.

What's New?

We've built a better solution for you and your employees. Here are some of the highlights:

Email Templates: Create and save templates for messages you repeatedly send employees about their enrollment status, documents that require signatures, and logins.

E-signatures: Employees sign once and apply the signature to each required signature field before form submission. A new status bar helps them see how many forms they have left to sign.

New Navigation: A better, guided workflow for you and your employees to complete common tasks in Ease.

Enhanced Dashboards: Access a list of employees, enrollment progress, and other key information immediately following login. Global search allows you to search for employees by name.

Employee View From Company Admin: See what an employee sees during enrollment directly from your login.

Revamped Ease Sneak Peek

Watch a 45-minute presentation and demo of the revamped system.

Revamped Ease Video

Watch this video to see Ease's updated interface and new enhancements.

Our website URL is now You can still access your account via your company’s url, but you’ll be redirected to the version.

Beginning March 16, you will see the new Ease when you log in. Questions? Contact your broker.

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